On the Dangers of Smoking

Research shows that, in order to avoid all risks associated with tobacco consumption, you should never pick up a cigarette. However, if you already smoke, then it is advisable to quit.

Scientists have conducted a lot of research, but they still can not give a precise answer about which biological mechanisms incite a particular smoking-related disease. Not every component of tobacco smoke and its effect on the human body is well understood yet.

Sometimes the question arises: why do some smokers develop diseases, while others do not?  Why do non-smokers develop the same disease as a chain smoker? Is smoking the only cause of the disease? Scientists ask themselves many similar questions, and they still need to find answers. Also, people very often ask themselves one thing: why do they smoke even when they know about all related health risks? Medicine has already answered this question: the reason for smoking is a rudimentary nicotine dependency. On the one hand, nicotine has a mild stimulating effect on the body; on the other, it slightly relaxes the person.

However, nicotine is not the only reason why smoking is attractive. For some people, smoking becomes a ritual; for others, it is pleasant to hold a cigarette and feel the aroma of tobacco; and for some more, the taste of tobacco smoke itself is pleasant. Sometimes smoking just blends a certain social group.

It is quite difficult to quit smoking, but for those who have decided to do so, it will be helpful to be aware of how nicotine impacts on health, to have a firm determination and faith in the real possibility to get rid of this habit. Some smokers are simply convinced that it is impossible to quit, but they are mistaken it is well known that millions of people around the world have been able to quit smoking.

We firmly believe that if a person wants to quit, they will definitely do so, and if not completely, at least they will find an alternative, like nicotine patches or chewing gum. The most important thing is to believe in yourself and your own conviction. 


Everyone Should Know That:


  • It is difficult to quit smoking, but with a firm conviction, it is possible; this should be a known fact for everyone who wants to quit, but most people don’t believe it.
  • There is no such a great pleasure in smoking, so if you decide to get rid of this habit, no one should stop you.
  • There are millions of former smokers all over the world who do not regret having quit smoking.
  • If you decide to quit, medicine will help you, as well as specific telephone services provided by experts and many other information sources.

We know and understand that smoking is linked with a risk of suffering many serious diseases. We do not advocate smoking. We offer high-quality products for adults who have already decided by themselves whether to smoke or not.

We want to remind everyone about the dangers of smoking by placing warning labels on our cigarette packs. We also openly address health risks associated with smoking at the Company’s official website.