TOBACCO COMPANY “PEPPELL” LLC carries out the full production cycle – from tobacco cultivation to delivery of products to the consumer.

The Company controls the manufacturing of tobacco products – from tobacco cultivation, raw materials processing, production to delivery to its distributor and sale to the consumer.

Our brands have been leaders in the Russian market for more than 15 years. Our outlets have the widest range of tobacco products in the region. We offer the opportunity to purchase tobacco products wholesale and retail, starting from 1 packaging unit.

The main advantages of working with us are a wide range of 100% natural tobacco quality products at affordable prices, and multiple delivery services. Our experts deliver professional logistic services and a personalized approach for each client.

Our Company works every day to enhance the production process, so that all customers experience the high quality of services at every stage of collaboration with us. Every department as well as every specialist in our Company strive to find an individual approach to the client, in order to ensure complete understanding and transparency of information at all business levels.

Our Company has the advantage of creating unique flavours and aromas for each brand, and having complete control of the production process, "from the clean tobacco leaf to a great flavour and aroma in every cigarette".

Our technical control department and our production laboratory carefully monitor the quality of each manufacturing stage, as well as of the finished product. Each member of our team is a professional in the manufacturing of tobacco products, so we confidently guarantee the highest quality of our work.

The Company specialists make sure we obtain the world's best tobacco production every minute, so that our customers receive a modern, natural, high-quality product created using state-of-the-art technologies.

The Company continuously develops, improves and keeps up with the times for the benefit of its customers. Ours are always high-quality, unique products that meet all European standards.

Before entering the wholesale and retail markets, our tobacco goes through several main transformation stages:

  • Tobacco Cultivation
  • Post-harvest Tobacco Processing
  • Drying and Fermentation
  • Processing of Tobacco Leaves into Raw Materials for Making Cigarettes
  • Obtaining of Tobacco Products
For a long time, specialized tobacco companies have been — and will continue to be — our major wholesale customers.

The wide range of products and attractive prices that our Company offers are possible thanks to direct import of raw materials from large foreign manufacturers, as well as an efficient production and wide distribution contracts through a major Russian distributor.

We guarantee fast, high-quality work and efficient delivery at the times agreed with the customer. Our experts are always ready to find the optimal cooperation outline and answers all of your questions.

Representative offices in the largest Russian cities allow us to deliver orders to every region in the shortest time possible.

Production capacities and capabilities of the Company


    Share of the Russian tobacco market

  • 33TYPES

    Assortment of tobacco products

  • 104IN RUSSIA

    Representative offices and departments in Russia


    Area of the Company’s production complex

  • 600PEOPLE

    Permanent staff of specialists

Our Values :

Quality and Manufacturability

High-tech equipment integrated with a computer control system allows us to fully manage the production process.

Constant Innovation

Our work and production as a whole are being constantly enhanced. Since its foundation, our Company has applied the best practices through leading experts in the tobacco industry. We have modern high-precision equipment at our lab.

Industrial Security

One of the Company's main principles is the compliance with industrial, environmental and sanitary security. The main goal is to ensure health preservation and safety for our employees, and creating optimal working conditions.

Professional Team

Leading tobacco industry professionals with ample experience are at your disposal.
Quality and Manufacturability
Constant Innovation
Industrial Security
Professional Team

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