• History of Tobacco Production

    History of Tobacco Production

    Tobacco is one of the oldest crops cultivated by humankind. It is believed that Native Americans grew tobacco 3,000 years before the discovery of the Americas. The origin of most kinds of tobacco are several modern South American countries: Bolivia, Peru, Chile, Argentina, and Brazil. Ancient civilizations attributed magical and healing properties to tobacco. The […]

    15 February 2020
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  • Post-Harvest Tobacco Processing. Drying and Fermentation

    Post-Harvest Tobacco Processing. Drying and Fermentation

    Tobacco leaves removed from the field are unsuitable for processing into smoking products by themselves, since they lack the necessary technological properties.  Before the collected from the field tobacco is turned into a suitable raw material for manufacturing smoking products, its leaves must undergo a series of post-harvest processes consisting of the main sequential technological […]

    05 February 2020
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  • On the Dangers of Smoking

    On the Dangers of Smoking

    Research shows that, in order to avoid all risks associated with tobacco consumption, you should never pick up a cigarette. However, if you already smoke, then it is advisable to quit. Scientists have conducted a lot of research, but they still can not give a precise answer about which biological mechanisms incite a particular smoking-related […]

    01 February 2020
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